Christiaan Hendrickx

Mr. Christiaan Hendrickx obtained his law degree from KU Leuven in 1988. That same year he also obtained from the KU Leuven a teaching certificate for upper level secondary education, and for short cycle higher education. He also got a special master in maritime law from Antwerp University. He furthermore holds a competence certificate for national and international road transport operator.  He has been with the Antwerp Bar Association since 1989, and is regularly appointed as a bankruptcy receiver or liquidator by the Antwerp Court of Commerce, Antwerp Section. His caseload consists mainly of bankruptcy law, leaseholds, traffic law, civil law, contract law, commercial law, obligations law, real estate law, collections.

Law on Services

  • Offices: Christiaan Hendrickx
  • Company number: 0860.562.02
  • Insurance: Collective Policy underwritten with AMLIN EUROPE Ltd. by the Federation of Flemish Bar Associations

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