Fees and expenses

Setting their fees as transparently as possible is central to DILAW GREENFIELD’s philosophy. These will be discussed at the outset of the case. All efforts are deployed to avoid unnecessary expenses, yet all the while ensuring maximum service quality.

Here is an indicative tariff:

  • Administrative fee at opening of the case: 45 euro
  • Office expenses (per unit) 11 euro
  • Travel allowance 0,50 euro / km
  • Exceptional administrative expenses may be charged on top.

Third party expenses shall be settled directly by the client.

Legal services shall be charged:

  • Either based on an hourly rate, which varies as a function of the legal field involved, the urgency, the experience and the specialisation:  100 to 245 euro
  • Or based on the amounts involved,
  • Combined with a success fee, as the case may be.

Should a collaboration develop involving several cases, specific arrangements can be worked out.  In collection cases for instance, the fee can in certain cases be settled through the legal expenses, interest charges and/or the flat-rate indemnity to be paid by the opposing party.

All amounts are exclusive of VAT (21%).

It goes without saying that you can always call for an assessment of your particular situation, without any obligation on your part.