Our firm

Dilaw Greenfield was founded in 1994 by a few lawyers who together represented years of practice, among which Steven Boeynaems. Over the years, the firm has been strengthened by other, young and ambitious people. Christiaan Hendrickx, a lawyer often appointed as receiver of bankruptcies, joined the firm in 2016. 

Dilaw Greenfield aims to offer a comprehensive set of services, addressing the needs of the entrepreneur as well as the individual citizen seeking legal help.

That’s why Dilaw Greenfield has become the house counsel for many SME and individuals. Dilaw Greenfield is home to about ten lawyers these days, all specialised in one or more specific areas of the law, and relies upon some five administrative help and an accountant. Whenever the need arises, Dilaw Greenfield can fall back on the Proteus network, which links no less than two hundred lawyers across Europe. As circumstances dictate, a team will be custom-tailored for the client, combining the required experience and know-how in the relevant areas.

The Dilaw Greenfield philosophy is to develop an intense yet flexible collaboration with the client. By relying on regular reporting and transparent rates, Dilaw Greenfield wishes to support their clients in achieving their goals.

Vision and strategy

Our firm is your best guarantee for a serious, transparent and diligent handling of your cases.

Bringing a dispute to a satisfactory conclusion requires fluid and direct communication between the client and his or her counsel on the one hand, and specialised knowledge on the other hand, integrating the latest legal and jurisprudential developments.

DILAW tracks these two areas with the closest possible attention. Each case shall be followed up systematically by your designated counsel, who will act as your preferred point of contact, and who will at all times be available to you for any inquiries or requests for clarification you may have.

Furthermore, each lawyer at DILAW undertakes to stay abreast of all developments in his or her chosen fields of expertise. Each lawyer scrupulously follows up on legislation and case law in these areas, and takes part in training programs and refresher courses. This combination of direct communication and specialised knowledge will at all times guarantee our clients the best results, and shall, as practice has shown, lead to years of satisfactory collaboration.